Wow One of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken. Well I guess it wasn’t that it was hard because I understood the material but I had absolutely not enough time to even come close to finishing the exam. I think I made it a quarter of the way through the test before time ran out.

I can not code at an efficient rate. It seemed like a majority of the time, I was trying to find missing brackets or mistyped tags that wouldn’t allow my code to validate. There are so so many css and html tags that I just can’t remember them. I spent a lot of time on w3 schools trying to find the right tag for the styles or elements I was trying to design.

What a nightmare. Fortunately, Brother Curtis is awesome and realized that a majority of the class had the same time issues I did so he’s going to make some adjustments to the way he evaluates our knowledge of the material and out ability to design web sites.


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