Midterm review

Today we went over the review for the midterm exam. During our review, Brother Curtis gave us a list of things you should know and skills you should have.

First of things we should know:

  • How the www works
    • server, browser, internet, docs, ets
  • section, article, header, nav, -what’s new and why do we have these new elements. Why didn’t div work? Needed more specific semantic elements http://html5doctor.com/you-can-still-use-div/ http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/x-html5/
    • html – the structure of the website
    • scc – style, presentation
    • div – way to divide page (container to apply style)
      • section, article. ie – div di=main_content, div id=header, div id is a label
      • problems -people are concerned that people will add more elements and the code will get bloated.
    • we’re moving towards more meaningful elements and away from div
  • what’s valid?
    • the page is consistent with the standard
    • first line – <!DOCTYPE html>
    • head
      • title
      • meta charset
    • body
      • valid elements
      • required attributes
    • nesting elements
      • communicates structure of docs and allows us to style

And now skills we should have:

  • Markup plain text using HTML
  • reference path – <img src=”
    • absolute: http://www
    • relative: ./images/picture.jpg
  • Layout a page using CSS
    • .columns {
      • display: inline;
      • float: left;
      • width: 230px;
      • margin-left: 10 px; margin-right:10px
      • padding: 0px;
      • background-color; #F1F1EA;
      • vertical-align: top;
    • #caption { text-transform: uppercase;
      • font-size: 80%
      • -moz-transform: rotate(-90deg);}

These are all things we should know and can do up to this point in our learning.


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