Today we talked about forms. Forms create a way for users to input information that can be collected or sent the a designated location like an email account or a server. the html elements and tags for forms are fairly extensive. Here is a list of those used in the new html 5:

And these are the original html 4 examples:

When using creating forms, use the following format as an example:


<form action=”form.cgi” method=”get”>


<legend>Contact Information</legend>



<label for=”fname”>First Name</label>

<input type=”text”  id=”fname”/>



<label for=”lname”>Last Name</label>

<input type=”text”/>



<label for=”gender”>Sex</label>

<input type=”radio” value=”male”/>Male

<input type=”radio” value=”female”/>Female



<label for=”vehicle”>What transportation do you use? </label>

<input type=”checkbox” value=”car”/>Car

<input type=”checkbox” value=”bike”/>Bike

<input type=”checkbox” value=”shoes”/>Shoes



<textarea name=”instructions” rows=”5″ cols=”40″> Enter special instructions for the delivery



<li><label for=”hometown”>Hometown</label>

<select id=”hometown”>

<option value=”Laie”>Laie</option>

<option value=”Kahuku”>Kahuku</option>

<option value=”other”>Other</option>



<input type=”submit” value=”submit”/>




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