The world wide web is basically a connection of computers all over the world. When you access the world wide web from your computer, you are accessing files on these computers (or servers) through a web of connections. You can access these files by typing the addresses of the computers that hold these files in the address bar of a program called a browser. Your browser  which is your connections to the world wide web.

Your browser, also know as a client program, sends and recieves information to and from a network of computers and web servers throughout the world through a network called the internet. This is the World Wide Web. Your browser sends and recieves information then dispalys this information on your computer screen. You can tell the browser where to collect this information by typing a url address or by clicking on links.

Your browser doesn’t communicate to these servers and computers with English or any other spoken language, it speaks code.  One of these code languages your browser reads is HTML.

The following posts will hopefully teach you how to read and write html so you can know how to design web pages.


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