Web Design Basics

Ever since the beginning of first term 2010, I’ve been collecting notes and writing comments each time I attended my IT 240 Web Design class.  I’ve done this in preparation for this blog assignment which is to teach you, my audience, the basics of web design. Hopefully now that I’ve nearly completed the course, I have enough material and knowledge to teach you the basics of web design using html 5 and css.

Throughout this training, we will cover basic html as well as some of the more cutting edge structure Elements new to HTML 5 such as:

  • Sections (basic container) – <section>
  • Articles (independent entity) – <article>
  • Headers (top of page) – <header>
  • Footers (bottom of page) – <footer>
  • Navigation (nav bar/menu) – <nav>

Basic elements

  • headings – <h1>
  • paragraphs – <p>
  • tables (display data in a grid) – <table>
  • lists – ordered <ol>, unordered <ul>, definition <dl>
  • images – <img>
  • links – <a>
  • audio – <audio> (html 5)
  • video – <video> (html 5)

Hopefully by the end of these lessons, you will be on your way to developing new pages using HTML 5.


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